April 09, HSC ki full form Higher Secondary Certificate hai HSC aik course completion certificate hai jo student ko India mein secondary education yani 12th grade pass karne par diya jata hai. Dusry lafzon mein student ko HSC hasil karne k liye 12th board examination minimum percentage ke sath pass karna zarori hota hai.

Har student ki score uski performance par depend karti hai aur isay dusry candidates ke sath rank nahi kiya jata hai HSC ka maqsad students ko higher studies ya phir jobs ke liye eligible banana hai kyun ki HSC ki report mein student ki ability, eligibility aur uski achievements ko bayan kiya jata hai.

HSC public examination ko board examination bhi kaha jata hai jo kay junior college ya intermediate college mein parhne waly students dety hain. Tamam boards ka examination structure mukhtalif hota hai aur ye subjective exams par mushtamil hota hai.

India mein isay 12th board exam jana jata hai ye exam students academic year ke akhir mein dete hain. Boards mein subjects ke numbers grading ka tarika har board ke lehaz sey mukhtalif hota hai. Undergraduate courses karne ya phir higher education hasil karne ke liye HSC clear karna zarori hota hai.

hsc full meaning ki

India ki mukhtalif states mein higher education exam ko intermediate exam mana jata hai. State education board ye exam state level par karwate hain jab kay CBSE yehi exam national level par karwata hai. Ye exam saal mein 1 baar hote hain. Jis fileds mein exams karwaye jate hain un mein computer science, information technology, chemistry, classical music, social studies, electronics, math aur physics shamil hain.

Result announcement April kay month mein ki jati hai aur ye July tak chalti rehti hai. CBSE 12th class board ka exams May mein announce kiye jate hain. Kya aap jante hain kay ap ki wajah sey kisi ki help ho sakti hai ji haan agar aap ko hamari ye post pasand ayi hai to isay apne friends ke sath share karen apki wajah sey kisi ki help ho sake.

Education Examinations Higher Secondary Certificate. Post a Comment. Domain konsa buy karen aur hosting kis company ki lain Website bana kar us say paise kis tarah kamaye?

hsc full meaning ki

Internet Ki duniya mein SEO karke Google mein apni website ko sab se upar top kaise laye videos bana kar YouTube se paise kaise kamaye jate hain? NOC aik legal document hota hai jo kisi organization, institute, agency ya phir individually issue kiya jata hai lekin individually NOC jari karna bohat kam hota hai kyon ki kisi bhi maqsad ke liye NOC issue karna zyada tar idaray ka kaam hota hai. Zyada tar government ya phir.

Read more. March 18, Menstrual Cycle ko aam taur par Menses aur Periods bhi kaha jata hai. MC aurat ki body mein hone wali changes ka.HSC exam will be held on 12th November HSC Result will be published on our website, Bangladesh education board official website www. The upcoming Higher Secondary Certificate examination in Bangladesh that is supposed to be begun from 1st April, maybe postponed amid the coronavirus epidemic in the country; the decision on this issue may come in the next week.

If there is any update news about HSC Examwe will update here.

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Last year, HSC and equivalent examinations had started at 2nd April under 10 education boards. This year also will be same date. Over So every candidate must get a good preparation for HSC examination HSC routine published on our website.

So to get update news about HSC exam and other educational information visit our website daily or Like our facebook page. It will continue until 26th November On September 1, due to the public holidays, one day after the HSC exam routine has been created. This information was found in Ministry of Education sources. According to sources, final preparations are being made to conduct HSC and equivalent examinations. HSC Routine new pdf. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka is responsible for administering all public schools with the exception of English-medium schools and madrassahs in Dhaka Ciry as well as the entire Dhaka Division.

The board office is located at Bakshibazar. Dhaka Education board official website dhakaeducationboard. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi was founded in the yearwhich led to creation of a separate education zone in the northern Bangladesh. The Board of Intermediate Education, Comilla is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for holding public examinations HSC and for providing recognition to the newly established non-govt.

The Ordinance was amended in and in The Board of Intermediate Education, Chittagong started its operation in It is self-regulating organization in the field of educational administration and management in BD. This proposal will have 13 levels.

Another proposal is placed between 95 to in the highest grade. Sylhet Intermediate Education Board has been established in the year Its objective is to provide quality service in Higher Secondary level of education specially in conducting examinations and to maintain the standard of educational institutions.

The Board of Intermediate Education, Dinajpur started its operation in It is an autonomous organization in the field of educational administration and management in Bangladesh. The Dhaka Education Board is responsible for controlling all public and private colleges with the bangle and English medium colleges.The value of the mean has absolutely nothing to do with the standard deviation.

You can add or subtract a constant to all your values to get the mean to come out to be any value you want, without changing the standard deviation. Mean is a measure of where the data is. Standard deviation is a measure of how widely spread the data is. These are two separate measurements. What your professor is objecting to is that the standard deviation doesn't usually give you a range outside your data.

Your result may be unusual, but it's not mathematically impossible by any means, and is easy to produce e. You misunderstood your professor, or else he is an idiot. Show him the Excel data. Like someone said, the usual "normal distribution" function has mean 0 and standard deviation 1. The fact that mean - s. Or show him all the details of a calculation where this happens and let HIM tell you where it's wrong: data diff fr mean square 1 3.

Answer Save. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. HSC stand for Higher Secondary certificate examination. Hope this clarifies. Judith Lv 4.

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SSC senior secondary certificate Hsc higher secondary certificate. Show more answers 7. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.Metrics details. Leukemic and mesenchymal stem cells interact in the leukemic microenvironment and affect each other differently.

This interplay has also important implications for the hematopoietic stem cell HSC biology and function. This study evaluated human HSC self-renewal potential and quiescence in an in vitro leukemic niche without leukemic cells.

Buland darwaza kaha par hai

A leukemic niche was established by co-culturing mesenchymal stem cells with a fresh conditioned medium obtained from a leukemic REH cell line. Additionally, we preliminary investigated the soluble factors present in the leukemic niche and their effect on the mesenchymal stem cells.

By co-culturing normal mesenchymal stem cells with the REH-conditioned medium we showed that hematopoietic stem cells, normally in a quiescent state, enter cell cycle and proliferate. This loss of quiescence was accompanied by an increased expression of Ki and c-Myc, two well-known cell proliferation-associated markers. Two central regulators of quiescence GATA2 and p53 were also down regulated. Importantly, two genes involved in HSC self-renewal, Klf4 and the histone—lysine N -methyltransferase enzyme Ezh2, were severely affected.

On the contrary, c-Kit expression, the stem cell factor receptor, was upregulated in hematopoietic stem cells when compared to the normal niche. Interestingly, mesenchymal stem cells incubated with the REH-conditioned medium stopped growing, showed a flattened morphology with the appearance of small vacuoles, and importantly, became positive for the senescence-associated beta-galactosidase activity.

Evaluation of the leukemic-conditioned medium showed increased IL-6 and IL-8, suggesting that these cytokines could be responsible for the observed changes.

What does SSC and HSC stand for, I mean X th & XII th standard.?

Our results showed that quiescence and self-renewal are severely affected in this leukemic niche. This in vitro leukemic niche, established without leukemic cells, will facilitate HSC gene expression evaluation and the development of therapeutic agents aimed to neutralize soluble factors and the cell signaling pathways involved in HSC alterations.

Hematopoietic stem cells HSC are characterized by their self-renewal and multipotent differentiation capacities. These properties are necessary for the maintenance of the HSC pool and important in the development and regeneration of the hematopoietic system under normal and stressful conditions [ 1 — 3 ]. HSC reside in specialized niches [ 4 ] in the bone marrow BM with which they interact continuously, influencing these properties [ 56 ].

Multiple cellular types, soluble factors and extracellular matrix components form this niche [ 78 ]. Nevertheless, a predominant role is played by the mesenchymal stem cells MSC due to their multilineage differentiation capacity and their regulation of HSC function [ 910 ].

hsc full meaning ki

Under homeostatic conditions, most HSC exist in the G0 phase of the cell cycle with signals from the niche used to preserve a quiescent state as a protective mechanism against cell damage and exhaustion [ 6 ].

Other signals stimulate the appearance of cell progenitors and thus cell cycle entry and proliferation [ 11 ]. In purified mouse stem and progenitors cells the molecular network regulating self-renewal, differentiation and the maintenance of quiescence has been identified [ 12 ]. These authors have shown that the long-term engraftment potential resides mainly in the G0 cell fraction.

Therefore, a quiescent state is fundamental for preserving key functional features necessary for transplantation. Importantly, the relationship between cell cycle regulators cytokines, cyclin and cyclin-regulators, transcription factors, microRNA, etc.

The extracellular signals responsible for HSC maintenance and survival are well known. Abnormal stimulation of these receptors could induce HSC cycling and exhaustion [ 21 ]. HSC proliferation can also be induced in situations of hematopoietic challenge, i. Likewise, early work has shown that BM stimuli are also essential for leukemic cell growth and expansion [ 25 ] and that leukemic cell growth affects HSC function both in vivo and in vitro [ 26 ].

All these results suggest that the microenvironment that supports leukemic cells and affects HSC properties [ 12 ] could be a valid target for chemotherapeutic intervention. In the present study, we were interested in the evaluation of human HSC self-renewal potential and cell cycle regulation in an in vitro leukemic niche.

In this system, HSC showed increased cell proliferation and gene expression changes compatible with loss of self-renewing potential. These alterations are equivalent to the observed reduced hematopoiesis, accompanied by an increase in progenitors and differentiated cells, seen in patients with ALL [ 29 ]. UCB samples were obtained from normal full-term deliveries. Cell purity was evaluated by flow cytometry using allophycocyanin anti-CD34 Clone AC, Miltenyi Biotec and cell viability by Trypan blue dye exclusion.

MSC were cultured, expanded and characterized according to the criteria established by the International Society for Cell Therapy cell morphology, expression of cell surface markers and the ability to differentiate into osteoblasts, chondrocytes and adipocytes [ 30 ]. The mesenchymal lineages differentiation capacity of MSC was determined using specific staining and microscopic observation, as previously described [ 31 ].Ki is also known as "latent energy" or "fighting power," which directly translates as "life force.

By drawing it out, an individual is able to manipulate it and use it outside the body. Ki can be used for many different techniques. Because there are physical limits to the strength of the body itself, it is necessary to increase one's ki to overcome this barrier and become stronger. When fighters gather kithey are able to gain enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and can increase the power of their attacks to inflict greater damage to opponents. Normally, the more the ki is increased, the harder it is to control, so ki control is also important.

Maintaining proper balance between the body and spirit is important in utilizing energy, and the more properly balanced they are, the more energy you can project.

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Dhaka Bangladesh Education Board

In the English version of the anime, the term ki is rarely used, usually referred to as "Spirit Energy" or "Energy" instead. However, it is referred to by name in video games, even in the English versions. It is called W in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden. In the English version of the manga, it is referred to as " chi ", which is modeled after the Chinese pinyin reading of the term, " qi " which is pronounced as "chi" like so.

According to Akira Toriyamaki is made up of three parts:. The amount of ki varies depending on the individual. Usually, non-trained beings have very little ki. Training can increase the amount of ki greatly. The amount of ki is generally related to the Power Levelthe greater the amount of kithe greater the power level of the user. There are also Supreme Kais, who possess both regular and godly ki, but have been surpassed by Universe 7 characters like Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, and Frieza.

If the ki is great enough it can affect the surrounding, like generating powerful gusts of wind, shaking the ground even the planet or even destroying it.

Jiren's ki is so intense that it can spontaneously generate fire when Jiren unleashes his true power.

lt ka full form

In order for someone to be able to take attacks from a foe without taking any damage, they must possess at least twice power as their foe.

Ki is described by Toriyama as invisible but can be visible in high concentrations or other ways. When visible, it comes in a variety of colors. The most common color in the series is white; other colors include yellow, red, purple, orange, blue, green, pink, and black. It can also resemble electrical sparks or even sparkles of light.

Main article: Aura Charge Items. Auras of ki radiate from the user when increasing the concentration of it inside their body. Warriors excluding Androids have a limit to the ki that their bodies can withstand, but the capacity for ki can be increased through mental and physical training.

Some techniques such as the Kaio-ken rapidly increase the concentration of ki in the body, enabling the user to fight at a strength level that far exceeds their regular limits for a limited period of time. Auras can displace solid matter. In the anime, auras are sometimes used for comical effect; for example, during the Garlic Jr.

SagaGoku's wife Chi-Chi angrily produces a red-colored similar to the aura produced by the Kaio-ken aura after being angered by Maron Krillin's then girlfriend ; though it appeared similar to the Kaio-Ken, its red color was likely intended to comically represent Chi-Chi's anger. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3there are several Aura Charge Z-items that change the default color of a character's aura to a different one for example, Aura Charge Red gives the character a red Kaio-ken-like aura or grants an aura effect on characters like Androids who do not possess an aura.

In the anime, lightning auras are sometimes placed randomly on various characters, regardless of their transformation or power level. Auras are even capable of being used defensively to repel attacks as demonstrated by Bojack 's Power Guard and Gogeta 's Vanisher Guard techniques, which their users defend themselves by generating and surrounding themselves with a powerful aura.

Gohan uses a similar technique where he makes his Super Saiyan aura while in base form explode around him destroying objects. This is seen when Gohan is attacked by one of Bojack's henchmen who throws the hands of a huge clock.

BSc Full Form

Auras also give an indication of when a person's ki has reached a new level of power.These paragraphs have their own pages. Students, paragraph is not a subject to memorize. You have to acquire the knowledge how you can write the paragraphs on your own.

I have something to tell you how you can improve your writing skill. First, make categories of paragraphs. Such as problem type paragraph, visiting type paragraph, technological invention type paragraph. Make a structure for every type of paragraphs and practice writing. Hope you can improve your paragraph writing skills. Let's see the important paragraphs for HSC To read the full paragraph, just click on the paragraph name. You better prepare all the paragraphs omitting the items of your own Board Exam Read: How long is a paragraph.

Thank you sir. It is vry much helpful for me. Its a best way of a student to collect important paragraphs for his board xm Thank u so much for this helping post.

This is my first visit to this blog. Taking a look into the important paragraphs, it seems really those are very important and helpful for the HSC students. Thanks for your good work. HSC english. Thanks for you valuable comment.

If you like you can write educational content on this website.It was first introduced in[1] with the last major revision coming into effect in The majority of students undertake HSC-related courses over the final two years of high school, though it is possible to undertake different study patterns over different time periods or through different teaching organisations. There are a great number of possible courses students can study, totalling over including languagesin a wide range of subject areas.

However, most schools offer students a smaller selection from which they must choose. English Extension 1 is also available for English Advanced students, with Extension 2 being offered in Year Individual schools may require their students to undertake certain courses, as is the case with Studies of Religion in many religious schools or Agriculture in agricultural schools.

However, these are internal school requirements separate from HSC requirements. As a general rule the preliminary component must be completed prior to the HSC component.

Furthermore, each subject is designated as either one or two "units". Each unit involves approximately two hours of formal tuition per week, and contributes a maximum mark of The majority of courses are two unit courses, and thus students receive marks out of in these courses.

If they do, their final ATAR mark is calculated using their best 2 units of English and 8 best other units. Extension courses, each with a value of one unit, may be included in the study program, meaning that a certain subject area may have up to four units, e. To be eligible for the award of the HSC a student must have satisfied the requirements in at least twelve preliminary level units, and at least ten HSC level units, with the additional requirements that:.

Note that these requirements are for the award of the HSC. Board Endorsed Courses are developed by the school, and may vary from school to school in regards to content and assessment.

Being the only mandatory course for HSC, for Englishstudents must choose between one of the English courses available to study. Due to the large number of language courses, they have been listed separately. The letters B beginnersC continuersE extensionBS background speakersH heritage indicate which courses are available for study.

Continuers refers to languages that were studied in Years 9 and 10 and will be continued in. Years 11 and A major HSC Syllabus reform was executed in The "new" syllabus involved the addition of "Science Extension" and "Investigating Science" as new courses. These courses were made available to students that commenced teaching in October for the cohort of The course "Senior Science" was discontinued as of October The reformed syllabus involved changes that are a move towards compulsory English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Investigating Science and Extension Science in the future.

For the new syllabus, English questions have now become more specific, prompting on-the-spot answers in turn rigorously testing students natural english writing ability and ability to analyse and interpret unseen questions, texts and information. A student's final mark in each subject is determined by a combination of in-school assessments conducted throughout the HSC component of a course, and externally administered final exam s typically held in October or November of that year.

In addition to comprising half of a student's final assessment result in a subject, external exam results are also used to statistically moderate in-school assessment results between different schools.

Upon successful completion of a satisfactory pattern of study students are awarded the Higher School Certificate by way of a testamur.

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Whenever a student has completed a course they also receive feedback regarding their results in that course, which typically includes exam results, school assessment results and the performance band in which their performance lies. The most outstanding of these students may also be awarded the Australian Student Prize by the Commonwealth government.

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